As a child I was fascinated with nature and was constantly exploring unknown neighbourhoods, forests and river ways. Then as a teen unable to make sense of life’s tumults I immersed myself in the visual art through drawing and painting. At the age of 18 I was unexpectedly struck with a deep desire to know my inner Self. I left my home and eventually through a series of synchronistic events and changing landscapes I found myself in a yogic meditation centre. I spent seven blissful years as a yogic monk focusing on the universe within, catching glimpses of a Mystery. After leaving monastic life I felt a vacuum inside and searched for a way to share my inner quest with the world.


And then……..


I moved to the Sunshine Coast and fell in love with BC’s raw beauty. Armed with a simple DSLR Camera I began to capture and share images with friends and family. I was hooked and began a deep study of the photographic art.


For me photography is more than just taking pictures, it’s a spiritual discipline. Photography teaches me to “Be Here Now”, to notice the subtle play of light and colour, to unveil the earth’s mysteries that are shrouded in times restless movement and reveal the Divine through¬†composition, exposure and depth of field.


My hope, is that through my images you will experience the joy and beauty that surrounds us in the forests, mountains and beaches of BC’s west coast. This magical land truly inspires creativity and inner reflection.

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